Looking To Protect Your Almonds From Nematodes?

Earn $40/acre

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Plan it right with Precise Defense from Bayer and Netafim USA

Bayer and Netafim™ USA are teaming up to deliver a one–two punch to yield-busting nematodes with the new Precise Defense program.

New Precise Defense Program

Velum® One Nematicide

  • Proven nematode suppression in almonds
  • Increase canopy area and trunk growth in new almond plantings2
  • Increase yields by an average of 18% in California almond trials3

Netafim Precision Drip Irrigation Technology

  • Delivers Velum One directly to the root zone
  • Maximizes residual efficacy through uniform application rates

Aligns with Almond Board of California Almond Orchard 2025 Sustainability Goals

  • Using Bayer’s Soil Nematode Analysis Program (SNAP) growers are fulfilling the goal of implementing precision diagnostic technology to increase the adoption of environmentally friendly pest management tools by 25%
  • Grower investment in cutting edge technology from Netafim improves irrigation uniformity, a major factor in reducing the amount of water used to grow a pound of almonds by 20%

Program Qualifications and Rebates

To Qualify for Rebates

Purchase a complete Netafim Dual Line Drip Irrigation System from an authorized dealer and purchase two annual applications of Velum One from an authorized retailer to Earn Rebates.

  • Earn $20 Rebate/Acre from Netafim USA for Dual Line Drip Irrigation System
  • Earn $20 Rebate/Acre from Bayer after making two applications of Velum One

Recognizing the increased pressure nematodes are putting on California almond growers, Industry leaders, Bayer and Netafim USA have partnered to create a comprehensive solution utilizing drip irrigation as a delivery system for Velum One, and other crop protection chemicals. The initial product of this partnership is the “Precise Defense” program.

  • Velum One treated trees showed 58% increase in canopy area.
  • Velum One treated trees exhibited 11.2% increase in trunk growth compared to UTC (untreated control).
  • Pre-count showed low levels of root knot and pin

Over 50% of California’s perennial crop acreage is affected by elevated nematode populations.

Nematode control using Velum One has been proven to increase canopy area, and trunk growth in new almond plantings.

In 3 years of trials Velum One returned an average yield increase of 18.1%, or 292 lbs. of almonds per acre.

Successful Velum One applications are accomplished through highly efficient drip irrigation systems.

Low Tree Vigor

Disease Transmission

Phytophthora/Bacterial Canker

Reduced Water & Nutrient Uptake

345 lb/acre Average Reduction in Yield

Root Damage

Earn $40/acre


Earn $20 Rebate/Acre from Netafim USA for Dual Line Drip Irrigation System purchased from your authorized Netafim USA Dealer partner.*


Earn $20 Rebate/Acre from Bayer for two annual applications of Velum One from an authorized retailer.

* Complete system definition includes Driplines, Filters, Control Valves, Automation, and Chemigation machines.
** In order to be eligible for rebate payment, proof of Velum One purchase needs to be submitted to Netafim USA each year.

Turn-key systems include the following product categories in order to qualify for program funding

  • All systems need to be designed by an authorized Netafim dealer for eligibility in the program.
  • All systems need to be approved by authorized Netafim personnel prior to consideration for program.

Driplines- Uniram with a 24” or less dripper spacing

For growers seeking absolute crop uniformity, even in the most challenging topographies and water conditions, Uniram™ delivers season after season. The world’s most advanced pressure compensated drip line handles extreme irrigation conditions for surface and subsurface applications. With Uniram™ you can irrigate with complete confidence

Automated Filtration (Screenguard, Apollo, Sandstorm)

Irrigation protection by the world’s experts. Protect your irrigation system with Netafim Filters – preventing contaminants and clogging so water is delivered as planned and your crops stay healthy. Most of all, giving you the confidence that your irrigation investment is secure.

Control Valves (Pump station, and block control)

Stable pressure & flow is key to a stable business and healthy yields. Take complete control over your water management and productivity. With precise control at all times, in all conditions. Simply reliable control, by the world’s experts.

Water Meters (Pump Station)

Measurement is the key to good, effective water management. The use of water meters ensures growers are able to measure and effectively manage the watering of their crops. Netafim Water Meters provide the confidence and assurance that the correct amount of water and fertilizer are being delivered to the crop maximizing yields and reducing energy costs.

Air Vents (Pump station, filter station, in block)

Netafim system components are an integral part of your drip irrigation system. The simple and proven design of our Air Vents, Check Valves and Pressure Regulators mean longer life and trouble-free operation. Each component is manufactured with the highest quality controls – ensuring maximum system performance and reliability.

Chemical Injection Platforms (Fertikit 3g, Fertione)

Learn what are your immediate benefits from using our Industry’s leading fertigation solutions, backed by more than 50 years of agronomical know-how.

Automation (Depending on functionality of existing platforms on farm)

Get access to a super-computing irrigation management system that lets you operate your irrigation and fertigation easily and efficiently. And all from the palm of your hand.

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1California Department of Food and Agriculture 2015 Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Project Abstracts, 2015.
2BCS Internal Demo Trials: Fresno, California, 2017.
3BCS Internal Demo Trials (13 total): San Joaquin Valley, California, 2016-2018.

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